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If you ever come to Guatemala either on holiday or for a business trip, chances are your trip will include visiting the usual spots: Antigua, Tikal, and Lake Atitlán. However, you might be missing out on an incredible urban experience. Be sure to come visit Guatemala City, and even if you just have a few hours before your plane leaves, our capital city offers countless dining and entertainment options that will definitely complement your trip.

But where to go and how to get there? Even if you’re tight on time, the best of Guatemala City is just one short Uber trip away.

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Best places to eat in Guatemala

The day is just starting but you’re already very hungry? No worries!   If there is one thing we chapines are really good at is breakfast!  Start your day in Panadería San Martín with a typical...

Best places to go for a drink in Guatemala

Feel like having a drink?  Say no more. There are plenty of options for every taste, but we recommend the legendary bar El Establo, a perfect chill-out spot, with great music selection, perfect for...

Best hotels in Guatemala

Are you looking for a nice but affordable place to stay? We have many high-end hotels with accessible prices.  If you want to stay in Zona Viva, the best option for you is Hyatt Centric in the AVIA...

Shopping and entertainment

For shopping and entertainment, we recommend either of these 4 places: Artisan Market (Mercado de Artesanías) Located just a few minutes from Zona Viva, you will find a variety of typical souvenirs...

Top 10

1. Ron Zacapa 2. Hacienda Real Steak House 3. Artisan Market 4. Museo Ixchel and museo Popol Vuh 5. Breakfast at San Martín Bakery 6. El Establo Bar 7. Hyatt Centric 8. Pollo Campero 9. Cerveza Gallo...

One more Gallo beer, please!

For anyone who wants to quickly and easily assimilate into the Guatemalan culture, there is a very simple way of doing just that: have a very cold Gallo beer. With a constant and overwhelming...

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