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From today, Guatemala has a tourism magazine

Guatemala.GT is an online magazine, offered in six different languages, that promotes Guatemala tourism in all corners of the world.  With new content every week, the publication keeps readers always dreaming about their next trip to the Land of Eternal Spring.

1 December 2020

To ensure the best possible promotion of Guatemala’s brand, we insist on the highest standard of quality.  That starts with the best possible domain name: the site’s address.  

A very rare and special identification, its prefix and its suffix both designate this tropical paradise.

The Seven Altars:  waterfalls and pools near Livingston, Guatemala

We also want everyone in the world to be able to discover this land of culture, pyramids, volcanoes, lakes, and beaches.  Henceforth, every page will be expertly translated into six languages, to help ensure that most people on Earth have access to interesting content related to Guatemala tourism.

Lake Atitlán, near volcanoes and mountains in Guatemala's highlands

To ensure this information is transmitted in an efficient, visually-pleasing manner, we have equipped this site with a  contemporary web design.  There are no ads or distractions because we are focused on only one thing: an appreciation for this lovely country.

Mayan culture is famous for its colorful fabrics and strong family life

A strong tourism sector helps to create jobs and economic opportunity.  The inflow of currency directly and indirectly boosts prosperity throughout the republic.  

Families and communities require adequate wealth to achieve positive outcomes in the domains of education and health.  Therefore, tourism is an integral component of a happy future for Guatemala.

With those strategic considerations in mind, we take our role very seriously.  A highly effective tourism magazine can help bridge the gap between the wonderful attractions of Guatemala and the millions of people who have little awareness of this country.

In the coming months and years, we will be working with partners who are closely connected to Guatemala’s tourism sector.  If you would like to help promote Guatemala tourism, please contact us. 

Our email address is located at the bottom of this page.

Tikal: a Mayan complex of pyramids in northern Guatemala

Brian Luedke

Brian Luedke