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Best places to eat in Guatemala


The day is just starting but you’re already very hungry? No worries!   If there is one thing we chapines are really good at is breakfast!  Start your day in Panadería San Martín with a typical Guatemalan breakfast: fried eggs, beans with “platanitos fritos” on the side and a cup of exquisite Guatemalan coffee. Or You could also dip into the exquisite “chilaquiles verdes”.  San Martín Bakery, or panadería San Martín as we chapines call it, offers a varied menu with tons of delicious options you must try.

For lunch or dinner, you should go to the best steak house in the city, Hacienda Real.  Yes, we know each country claims to have the best steak in the world, but every single item at Hacienda Real is really something: from the complimentary chicken broth served as a starter, to the house specialty, the Hacienda Fillet. 

And of course, you can not leave the country without trying our worldwide famous fried chicken Pollo Campero. There are dozens of Campero restaurants around the city, including one in the airport.

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