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Best places to go for a drink in Guatemala

Feel like having a drink?  Say no more. There are plenty of options for every taste, but we recommend the legendary bar El Establo, a perfect chill-out spot, with great music selection, perfect for the over-30 crowd.  And for the over-18 partiers, the sports bar Rattle and Hum might be a better option. Both bars are located in zone 10, or “zona viva” as we chapines usually call it.

What to order? We know people can be very picky when it comes to their choice of drinks (as it should be), but keep in mind that Guatemala offers one of the best rums in the world, Ron Zacapa. Having some Zacapa on the rocks is a must if you’re in the city.  But if you’re more of a beer person, you cannot forget to have a cold cerveza Gallo, Guatemala’s oldest beer that dates back to 1896 and has won several international awards. 

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