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Cayalá: A City within Guatemala City

Ciudad Cayalá or Paseo Cayalá is a modern and safe outdoors destination located in zone 16 of Guatemala City, where you can literally find everything you need: parks, luxurious apartment buildings, gated communities, office complexes, a hotel, shops, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, and even a Catholic church.

You can do plenty of things in Cayalá. From sitting down on one of the dozens of benches just to watch people enjoying their time, to shopping at the most exclusive complex of boutiques and walking around in the pedestrian streets. This is a place for everyone: families, pets, couples and of course, flirting teenagers.

Wherever you start, you are guaranteed to have a great day.

Zone 16 is one of the most highly valued areas with the highest capital gain rate in Guatemala City because it offers the perfect combination of nature, commerce, business, schools, health services and security, meaning you will find every possible service needed for a great quality of life in these modern times.

The combination of commercial, corporate and business spaces with apartment buildings have turned this area into the quintessential planned urban community. Cayalá has developed important luxurious residence projects (both houses and apartments) as well as comprehensive commercial spaces, such as the recently inaugurated Distrito Moda (a fashion retail center) and the soon-to-be-opened Distrito Empresarial, a complex business center.

In Distrito Moda you can find all types of retail boutiques of the most renowned international brands. But if you’re looking for something more local, we suggest you visit G!VE, a store that offers a variety of unique and original products with a touch of Guatemalan tradition. This store offers pieces inspired by the Maya culture with a chic and modern twist.

G!VE only sells products from Guatemalan designers and artisans who use textiles from different regions of the country and mix them up to create unique products that you will not be able to find anywhere else, not even in local artisan markets. Here you can find beautiful fashion-forward collections of bags, clothing, shoes, accessories (for every gender and age) and avant-garde decorative items.

If you’re planning on staying overnight, Paseo Cayalá now offers the extraordinary experience of the AC Marriott Hotel, an exclusive international hotel chain we certainly recommend.

But if you’re planning on just staying for a few hours and your priority is to try some of the cuisine this marvelous place has to offer, you will definitely not be disappointed. In Cayalá you can find a restaurant suitable for each and every visitor: from local affordable fast food chains (such as Pollo Campero), to more specialized and exclusive restaurants such as Hacienda Real.

By sunset, make sure to have a cup of local coffee or a glass of wine to enjoy the view alfresco.

Cayalá means “paradise” in Kakchiquel, a name worthy of the 100 acres of the natural reserve that surrounds the complex and its beautiful panoramic view of the city you can appreciate from several viewpoints.

In a nutshell, Paseo Cayalá is the best option Guatemala has to offer if you’re looking for a place where you can take walks, eat out and have unique entertainment experiences. It certainly is one of the most visited destinations by tourists and locals alike.

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