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El Establo: a legendary bar in Guatemala

A basic recommendation for first-timers in Guatemala is to either try our local Gallo beer or —if you’re willing to spend a bit more—, our Zacapa Centenario rum. Although you are able to find either of those basically in any restaurant or bar, we recommend having such drinks here. For instance, on Wednesday, El Establo offers discounts during happy hours where you can have a glass of the world-renowned Zacapa rum for just GTQ35.00 (approx. $ 4.00).

Tip is included on the bill (usually 10%), but if you wish to give waiters a little something extra, feel free to do so!

As for the food, customers can choose from a varied menu that includes pizza, nachos, buffalo wings or burgers. However, if you´re not hungry, just try the classic peanuts seasoned with chile Cobanero and lemon, courtesy of the bar.

We recommend that if you visit El Establo, you book in advance a table in the outdoor seating area, where not only will you be able to relax and appreciate the superb weather Guatemala is known for, but also have a smoke if you wish. If you prefer to have a drink indoors in dim light, El Establo has two spectacular bars with copper tops, which impeccably match the chill ambience, worthy of a bar known to be legendary.

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