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Hacienda Real: The Quintessential Guatemalan Steakhouse

No matter where in the world, a true BBQ lover will go out of his or her way just to try a local steak. Those who have come (and continue to come) over the years to Hacienda Real have realized that the Lomito or Puyazo Real courses and the Real Cowboy and NY Steak cuts have given Hacienda Real the reputation of being the best steakhouse in Guatemala.

This lively restaurant offers national and international juicy steak cuts of Premium quality, a wide range of pork products (including chorizo and Iberian ham), and fresh seafood. Every steak connoisseur knows that whenever a steak is well prepared, there is no meal in the world that could ever top such an experience as enjoying the perfect steak.

There are many factors that add up to place Hacienda Real as the top culinary venue for steak over the last 25 years, from the quality of the cuts to the way steak is prepared and cooked under premium conditions.

The restaurant decor honors its name: everything about the place reminds visitors of a colonial hacienda.  The adobe walls and the wooden galley and furniture combine perfectly with leather and clay artifacts meticulously placed all over the restaurant. Hacienda Real provides its customers the feel of a finca (ranch), where the grills and the clay skillets are exposed for the customers to see for themselves how tortillas are made, cooked and then served in their tables to accompany the main course.

As soon as customers are seated, they are welcomed with the most delicious courtesy entrees (seasoned carrots and a characteristic broth).

The menu not only outlines the characteristics of the available steak cuts, but it also provides accurate suggestions for the type of pieces (measured in ounces) in terms of the number of diners. The food is very well-priced: you can spend less than GTQ 200 per plate and be completely satisfied (approx. $ 25).

The hosts of Hacienda Real go out of their way to provide customers with the opportunity of thoroughly enjoying their food, giving them the choice to make specific service requests such as the degree of doneness and offering a wide array of sides.  We recommend ordering a double portion of the traditional Guatemalan frijoles volteados (fried beans) and fresh Guatemalan tortillas; once you try their frijoles volteados, you’ll realize one portion is simply not enough.   Although, if you wish to try other sides, you can accompany your steak with the famous elote asado (roasted cob), guacamole, baby onions or baked potato. The restaurant also has a children’s menu that offers exquisite hamburgers made of the finest steak, with a side of French fries and ice cream for dessert.

The wine cellar also offers an ample selection of the finest wine (mostly red wine) and the drink menu provides the customers a wide array of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

The desserts also live up to the standards this restaurant is known for, so if you want to have the full gastronomical experience at Hacienda Real, we recommend the corn pie, a Guatemalan delicatessen you should accompany with a cup of coffee. Keep in mind that in Guatemalan coffee is not restricted to breakfast, so feel free to try some of their traditional coffee during lunch, supper or even after a late dinner, since this restaurant is known for offering the best blends in the country.


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