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Hyatt Centric Guatemala: a hotel that will awaken your Senses


Traveling to another country either for pleasure or for business has one thing in common: you break your everyday routine, you discover new horizons and you have the perfect excuse to explore new spaces, enjoy new tastes and embark on stimulating adventures.

The recently inaugurated 16-story Hyatt Centric towers take over the streets of zone 10 in Guatemala City. The 138-room hotel is located in one of the best spots of the city and is considered a must-see for tourists and locals alike. Some of the best and exclusive restaurants (Panadería San Martín and Hacienda Real), bars (El Establo and Rattle & Hum) and shopping centers (Fontabella and Oakland Mall) are located a few blocks away from the hotel. Even more so, the Hyatt Centric is conveniently located less than 5 km from the international airport.  In short, the very best is at one’s fingertip.

The street side entrance on the ground floor leads you to a small hall where you will find the elevators that will take you to the magnificent and luxurious hotel lobby, designed by the prestigious interior design company Lang & Schwander. The lobby and reception were meticulously designed to perfectly combine modern wooden details with the vibrant colors of Guatemalan textiles, providing guests with an ambience of an exquisite amalgam of tradition and avant-garde design.

An invaluable collection of prehistoric Maya pieces is showcased on the lobby and the lounge of the hotel. These archeological objects belong to the FundaciónRuta Maya, an organization that currently safeguards, protects and preserves over 8,000 artifacts that belong to the national cultural heritage. Anyone who stays or visits the Hyatt Centric has the chance to admire antique artifacts, such as censers, vases, ceramic figures, masks, wooden slingshots, as well as pieces of contemporary art: a true reflection of the magnificence of Guatemalan culture.

Since showcasing Maya culture is the highlight of the Hyatt Centric Hotel, the restaurant Zamat offers a varied menu of Guatemalan cuisine or “comida típica”, a term the locals use when speaking of Guatemalan gastronomy. The term Zamat refers to a tropical herb (similar to cilantro) that is used as the main seasoning ingredient for Kaq’ik, a prehistoric dish symbolic of Guatemalan cuisine to this day. You cannot miss the Sunday brunch, a true delight even for the most demanding palates. Although you can also find international food, every dish has a Guatemalan touch.  And if you’re wishing to relax by having a few drinks after a long day, you can go to the Rooftop Bar for the best cocktails in town while enjoying one of the most beautiful skyline views of the city. If you’re not up for drinking but still want to relax and enjoy the view, we recommend you take a dip in the rooftop swimming pool.

The hotel offers high-end accommodation worthy of any cosmopolitan city in the world. All rooms are decorated with wallpaper inspired on Maya textiles and offer luxurious and comfortable beds with headboards made of antique doors. Modern furniture made of wood and fabric enhance the ample spaces of the rooms to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Large windows illuminate every single room, providing guests with the perfect excuse to just relax and rest in privacy.

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