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One more Gallo beer, please!

For anyone who wants to quickly and easily assimilate into the Guatemalan culture, there is a very simple way of doing just that: have a very cold Gallo beer. With a constant and overwhelming presence, this brand is one of the chapines’ favorites, and you can find a Gallo literally in every corner. If you happen to have a Gallo and then have seconds, you can kind of start calling yourself part Guatemalan.

Gallo is more than a highly-renown product in both local and international arenas (winner of multiple awards of excellence); it embodies a sense of euphoria and patriotism.

Cerveza Gallo is already part of the Guatemalan public mind, a symbol that denotes pride and identity, and a series of Guatemalan traditions. The brewery that manufactures Gallo, Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. is arguable one of the most renowned companies of the country since its foundation in 1886.

The words “give me a Gallo” is one of the most heard phrases in restaurants, bars and popular neighborhoods, simply because it is the most famous local product our country has to offer. Gallo is the only beer brewed in the region that has been awarded with prestigious prizes over the past 25 years, such as the Prestige Trophy in 2015 in Brussels.

Many awards and public recognitions confirm the success of a company started in 1886 by siblings Rafael and Mariano Castillo. Today, the company remains in the hands of 900 shareholders, many of whom are the descendants of the original founders, and many others who are actually employees of the company itself; meaning all capital is 100% Guatemalan.

The Gallo brand crosses the borders of this small Central American country. Many Americans praise its taste and quality. In fact, in 2004, it became the first Guatemalan brand to be included in the Hall of Fame of the American Marketing Association in New York.

With a history of over 100 years, Gallo is embedded in the hearts and minds of the chapines. It is an icon of quality that represents Guatemala and Guatemalans around the world.

Its publicity and marketing strategies are aimed to maintain an emotional connection and a sense of patriotic belonging with its consumers. The campaign ads, usually portraying young and patriotic people, constantly invite everyone to travel around the country and enjoy the best of Guatemala: its people, its places, its food, its traditions, and of course… its beer.

The motto of the national-based company is “we trust, believe and invest in Guatemala”. Thus, since the brand is so embedded into each and every Guatemalan, the target group is in fact all Guatemalans who celebrate their culture, their country and their roots. Cheers!

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