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San Martín Bakery: best breakfast in town

San Martín Bakery, or simply “la San Martín” as Guatemalans like to call it, is a famous and beloved bakery that opened its doors in 1974 and exclusively sold bread and cakes. It slowly began gaining recognition to the point that today it has become a very successful restaurant and bakery chain, that is now renowned as a meeting place for family and friends that enjoy sharing a nice meal accompanied by a tasty cup of coffee.

This bakery-restaurant has been a part of Guatemalan families since its beginning over 43 years ago, and its success lies on the freshness of its products and the best customer service in the country. As we mentioned before, it began as a small bakery, but today there are over 42 establishments all over the country. Traditional recipes combined with artisan production and the best ingredients are the secret behind the success of this chain.

The richly varied and healthy menu of San Martín is very inviting. Here you can have a nice lunch or dinner; however, the best San Martín has to offer are its breakfast options. You can start your day with an exquisite cup of Guatemalan coffee (roasted in the house) and a traditional or chapín breakfast, which consists of scrambled or sunny-side up eggs, served with fried beans, cheese, fried plantain and, for a final touch, a special mix of sauce or chirmol. This delicious breakfast is a very popular dish enjoyed on a day-to-day basis by many Guatemalans.

While you wait for your order to arrive, the waiters will provide you with a sampling of their signature bread for you to enjoy, such as the famous champurrada (sweet bread) to accompany your coffee, or the classic pan de agua, a must on every household.

Another delicious dish you cannot miss is the unparalleled chilaquiles verdes: tortillas cut into strips in green sauce and cheese (unfortunately, this plate is only offered during the morning service despite its huge popularity). This course satisfies (and surpasses) the expectations of even the most demanding palates. They are called chilaquiles verdes because its distinctive green sauce is made of miltomate, a small green tomato widely used to prepare many other traditional Guatemalan dishes. The chilaquiles verdes also include strips of chicken and you can add an extra of eggs (sunny-side, over-easy, or scrambled… your choice!). Boy does this breakfast spoil you!

So, once you go into one of the San Martín restaurants, you wish you never had to leave. The cozy ambience, inspired in everyone’s grandmas kitchen, is a display of the lifestyle of Guatemalan traditions and their choice for local bread.

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