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Pollo Campero: Tender, Juicy, and Crispy

Once in Guatemala, you don’t really have to travel far to find a Pollo Campero restaurant. They are basically everywhere, but in case you didn’t actually have time to have this delicious chicken during your visit, don’t worry, you will find a couple of Pollo Campero restaurants at the Aurora International Airport just before your flight departs.

Campero embodies the Guatemalan flavor by excellency, although it has become (since the 1990s) an important exportation product. The franchise has over 150 restaurants just in Guatemala and about 350 restaurants distributed in 14 countries. It first opened for business as a small family restaurant in 1971.

Pollo Campero offers every single feature needed for a successful fast food restaurant: an exquisite product, an affordable price, great locations, excellent ambience, and impeccable customer service. Therefore, Campero is a very popular product made to suit every pocket.

The Campero family knows exactly how to fry chicken, and keeping up to their motto, their product is truly tender, juicy and crispy. Every bite of any of the products offered here will provide you with an explosion of crispy flavor and a combination of secret spices perfect for every palate. If you want to eat like a true Chapín, there is no need to actually use silverware. The best way to enjoy your Campero is to eat with your hands and just be happy. The formula (recipe) is the company’s best kept secret. There are no other products that can compete with the flavor of Pollo Campero.

Once you enter the restaurant (and even from outside, for that matter) you immediately perceive the delicious and unmistakable aroma of Campero that instantly whets your appetite. To get started, clients are welcomed with a bollito (bread) that we recommend you have with a bit of ketchup and hot sauce, both products exclusively made by and for Pollo Campero in farmhouses owned by the Gutierrez family, the owners of the franchise.

Pollo Campero is so deeply embedded in the hearts of the Chapines that many of us who travel outside Guatemala make sure to get some Pollo Campero at the airport and take it with us abroad to share with our loved ones living far away from home.

A local industry, an emblem of growth and expansion. As we said before, you can find Pollo Campero in 14 countries around the world: from Beijing to Santiago de Chile, and back to Madrid and all the way through Los Ángeles, California, where more than 500,000 Guatemalans wait in long queues just to have again a bit of flavor of their loved home country.

So during your visit to Guatemala, don’t you dare miss the deliciously crispy chicken thighs of Pollo Campero.


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