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Ron Zacapa: A bit of Guatemala on the rocks

For anyone who visits Guatemala, a must-do is always having at least one glass of our famous Ron Zacapa.  The more you drink, the more Guatemalan you’ll feel… so make sure to have as many as you can. It’s an excellent rum to enjoy without fear and without ice, and it’s one of those drinks that will definitely help you pose and successfully answer existential questions and make you feel like you’re in heaven all at once.

Zacapa is very similar to a good whisky: you should have it straight, in an old-fashioned glass and with lots of time to enjoy. This rum needs no mixer due to its aromatic intensity and its wonderfully sweet taste characterized by a touch of vanilla, almond, caramel, delicate spices, brown sugar and obviously, a finish of an astringent spirit down your throat. If you happen to have some Zacapa, do show all the respect such a drink deserves.

This drink is known worldwide as the best rum in the world, having won first place for 5 years in a row at the International Rum Festival (from 1999 to 2003). Zacapa was also the first rum to be included in the festival’s Hall of Fame and its manufacturer, Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, is considered one of the most successful Guatemalan companies in the world. After been honored as the best rum in the world for five consecutive years, Zacapa became known as an ambassador brand for Guatemala. Created in 1976 and distributed in 122 countries, Zacapa is today one of the most noteworthy liquors in the world.

Zacapa rum is also among the Top 100 brands of the World Luxury Association, otherwise known as the “Luxury Oscar’s”. Such an honor is an acknowledgement of its rich history.

The bottle is covered by a band made of palm leaves handwoven by local artisans. The band of petate is a hallmark of Ron Zacapa, honoring a 3000-year Guatemalan tradition. It ages quite well in white oak barrels for 6-25 years, applying the Solera system.

The manufacturing company controls the entire process, from the growing of the sugar cane (the company owns its own plantation) to designing and manufacturing the final packaging presentation. In fact, the latter is what sets this rum apart: the sugar cane, its sole ingredient before fermentation.

Zacapa has gained international recognition due to its exceptional quality. What truly makes a difference for this rum is the fact that the manufacturers use virgin sugar cane honey (the concentrated syrup from the pressing of sugar cane) and yeast. In addition, its aging process occurs in very high altitude, more specifically, in the city of Quetzaltenango, located 2300 meters above sea level in consistent temperature of about 15 Celsius (most rums age in warmer temperatures).

A legendary brand this Guatemalan Ron Zacapa. A spirituous drink by excellency. The choice of both the young and the old connoisseurs of fine liquor. So if you feel up for a drink, go to a local bar and order a Zacapa.


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